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World Watches is a company located in the northern of Sweden founded by Emil Svensson in 2017. Our goal is to be a symbolic accessory for every traveler, backpacker, globetrotter and explorer.

Our story

World Watches was born out of a goal to create a symbolic marker suitable for all travelers. Whether you are a backpackers on a summer break, an intrepid explorer who challenges all before them, or even a globetrotter carrying out their business. The traveler watch has been designed to suit YOU.

Our aim as both travelers and watch enthusiasts was to create a timepiece that not only accompanies you on travels around the world but perhaps more importantly to follow you on your journey through life, for after all, life is simply one journey we all embark on, and what better way to capture and evoke memories than seeing a constant reminder each time you look at your wrist.

It was after one of Emil’s many trips that the concept was truly brought to life. He recognized that even though he had a few photographs to remind him, Emil wanted more than that, he wanted something to express his love for traveling

Having a watch that displayed the globe, the world map, was always a design that Emil had searched for a long time and wanted to own; yet there didn’t seemed to be any of them available at the market. It was then Emil put the idea into action. He realized there was actually a gap in the market waiting to be filled; an affordable yet high quality timepiece that illustrated the world map on the dial simply didn’t exist. This was to change.

With three priorities in mind, design, quality and affordability, World Watches wanted to achieve each of these goals. We wanted to make sure that whatever traveler you might be, the watch should suit. From the rugged demands of the outdoors to the casual appeal of the traveling businessman, each idea was taken into account.

The World Watch was a dream; it’s now a dream that has evolved into a reality. We have achieved our aim of creating the concept, a ‘traveler watch,’ a watch of meaning. The ‘atlas,’ evokes thought of achievement, the world in your hands, or in this case on your wrist. A global watch, one that would fit in wherever you may be, whatever culture you encompass. You see; World Watches recognized one thing out of all when bringing this brand to the market. The traveling desire. We all have it in common. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, when it gets to you, it hard to let go. All the amazing people you met, things you experience, the food you taste and the memories you make. Traveling are a lifestyle ready to embrace so carry the world with us and be a part of our family.

Welcome to the World Watches, where worlds come together.